Thecorporatefarmer is a budding non-profit, non-governmental organisation with the vision to transform the Nigerian Agriculture sector through a process-oriented model. The main thrust of the initiative is to consciously rebrand agriculture as a career of choice among the youth through in-depth research into the limitless career opportunities predominant in the value chain of various agricultural enterprises and the education of young minds via different platforms.

Thecorporatefarmer understands that transforming a sector that has a long history of misrepresented perception associated with impoverishment or traditional ‘old school’ lifestyle requires the attraction of fresh minds who are interested and passionate about the sector. These young individuals are encouraged and adequately trained for higher order thinking skills.

Training is not the sole responsibility of institutions of higher learning, but done with the collaboration of the private sector in the development of curriculum, internships, exposure journeys, etc.

The target audience for the initiative includes secondary school students and university undergraduates. Well researched and informative articles on the various aspects of agriculture will be published periodically.

We welcome your comments. If you can contribute too as a guest writer, you are welcome on board!