Rabbits and Cholesterol

by Dr. A. E. Adebowale (Method)

Cholesterol is one of the essential components of the human body. The body has an innate ability to synthesize it and can also be derived from food (essentially animal-based foods like egg, meat, dairy products, etc). Cholesterol is important as it contributes to the structural integrity of cell membranes (so subserves a protective function to the cell). It is also essential for d production of certain hormones, bile, etc.

But as important as it is, cholesterol in excess could be very deleterious. In excessive amounts, it deposits along blood vessels thereby causing gradual narrowing of the vessels. This eventually causes a compromise of blood flow to vital body organs. High level of cholesterol over a long period of time has been associated with strokeheart attackhypertensiondiabetesobesitypoor wound healing amongst others. In as much as some people have natural tendencies to have high levels of cholesterol, most people can actually reduce risk of high cholesterol level and its attendant complications.

The Ugly

The high level mortality and morbidity consequent to long term high body cholesterol gives one a scare; and in fact, treating the complications is far more expensive than preventing them. Some of the complications might be irreversible even after commencement of treatment.

The Bad

A person can be going about with high level cholesterol with no symptoms at all. The person might not even have the slightest headache. However, by the time the problems set in, the damage might be irreversible.

The Good

Even when its level is raised, it can be well controlled and its adverse effects can be prevented. It’s important to reduce intake of animal fats especially adults, to reduce dietary intake of cholesterol. Also, one should endeavour to undergo laboratory test to determine the level one’s basal lipid profile (either within the normal range or not). Test should be done periodically, like yearly or every 6 months especially for senior citizens. If the level is deranged, one’s physician should be seen immediately in order to be placed on medications to help control it. Remember, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Rabbit Meat and Cholesterol

One of the numerous nutritional benefits of rabbit meat, when compared to beef, pork and chicken is its lower quantity of cholesterol. This makes it a better option of meat especially in the population at risk of cholesterol-associated complications. The cholesterol level in beef is almost double that in rabbit.

Rabbits and Ebola

At this time when Ebola is a public health concern, especially in our country Nigeria, with everyone trying to avoid ‘bushmeat’, monkeys etc as directed by the authorities, rabbits are not one of the animals that incubate the virus. So rabbit meat is safe to consume at this period.

About Temitope Farms

Temitope Farms is an innovative agribusiness start up primarily focused on rabbit production, including the added services along its value chain. More to come, watch this space!


Dr. A. E. Adebowale, A.K.A “Method”, is a medical doctor and a guest writer for ‘thecorporatefarmer’.

About ‘Tunde Akinmolayan

Tunde Akinmolayan holds an M.Agric in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management from FUNAAB. He writes and runs a rabbit farm, among other engagements. He can be reached on akintunde.akinmolayan@yahoo.com.

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