Health Benefits of Eating Rabbit Meat

Tunde Akinmolayan 

Nigerians are more health-conscious now and consuming rabbit meat is a healthy alternative to beef, pork and even chicken. Rabbit meat has many health benefits:

  • Rabbit meat is a very rich source of high quality protein. Protein is needed in the diet for healthy cellular processes and functions. The body needs protein for tissue development, repair and maintenance.
  • Rabbit meat is also low in fat and cholesterol. It is leaner compared to beef and pork and even chicken. Less cholesterol and fat in the body leads to healthier cardio functions, better metabolism and more active lifestyle.
  • Rabbit meat is heart-friendly.
  • Rabbit meat contains other necessary vitamins and minerals, including copper, zinc and iron, which are needed by the body in small amounts. Copper is necessary for cellular growth and development and is taken in through diet since the body cannot produce this mineral. Zinc is important to boost the immune system and calcium absorption while iron is important in the production of red blood cells and the distribution and absorption of oxygen throughout the body for metabolism.
  • Rabbit meat contains Vitamin B2 or riboflavin which is important to keep the digestive track healthy. It is also important in breaking down protein and fats. Another nutrient, Vitamin B12 is necessary in the proper function of the nervous system. It is needed in the production of protein and red blood cells.
  • Rabbit meat, which is a high-protein low fat diet, is just perfect for weight loss.
  • Rabbit meat contains anti-oxidant and anti-aging components namely selenium and glutathione.


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Tunde Akinmolayan holds an M.Agric in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management from FUNAAB. He writes and runs a rabbit farm, among other engagements. He can be reached on

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