Abortion: Before You ‘Rupture’ that Seed, Spare a Thought! 15

The seed here could be the foetus living in your womb, either planned or otherwise; the potential you have seen in the life of a ward that could be productively harnessed; the dreams, visions that often time engulf your thoughts and give you sleepless nights; or even the plans for your life etc. Whatever the case is, no one can pre-determine the outcome of a seed!

Several years ago while counselling one of her younger acquaintances in the neighbourhood, my mother, pointing in my direction had told the lady that she had wanted to terminate ‘his pregnancy’. I was too young to decipher the statement, but somehow, those words remained with me. When I grew much older, perhaps after my university degree (I presume), those words crept up again in my subconscious. This time, I seized the opportunity to ask her; then, she opened up.

*          *          *          *          *

Everyone is Unique

Everyone is uniquely different. Everyone carries the seed of greatness (unfortunately, only a handful recognises this truth). No one is born by mistake or is a nuisance – the environment, however could ‘recreate’ one. The uniqueness of every human creature, some expressed in personal idiosyncrasies, is akin to variety – which is the spice of life! No great person (male or female), no great idea, or dream etc was great at birth or inception.

  • Why then do we take the life of that unborn child?
  • Why then do we kill those innocent ideas that gently sprout in our minds?
  • Why then do we kill our dreams on the altar of procrastination or complaint?

*          *          *          *          *

‘A few weeks after your conception, your father and I agreed to abort you’, she continued. The reason for this “is because when I was pregnant, I had severe malaria and had to treat myself using some heavy anti-malarial drugs. Being a Nurse and Midwife Tutor, I had read textbooks and taught my students that using a particular brand of anti-malarial drug during pregnancy could be life-threatening and adversely affect the health of the unborn child. I didn’t want to live with the guilt of having an incomplete child, so I advised your father, and we both agreed that you be flushed out”, she explained.

‘But why then didn’t you flush me out’, I queried?

‘As I alighted from the car and stepped into the hospital, a thought gently slipped into my mind not to carry out our plan. Right there and then, I obeyed and turned back.’

Today, the seed (foetus) has grown. She wants to hand ‘Temitope Farms’ – named after the seed (Akintunde Temitope Akinmolayan by my parents) – over to him. There may not be a celebration party for the hand over, but put your imagination to work now: What do you think will be running through her mind each time she sees her only son grow to become a man – and now willingly wants to revive, rebrand his parent’s farm?

While I supervised the construction of the rabbit hutches, she walked into the farm to take a look at the work. Then she said to me, ‘Akin, would you believe that one particular year (several years back), I made N52,500 from farming besides the ones we ate and gave out to people; and as at that time, my take home was less than N25,000 per annum. What a re-assuring statement that was!

*          *          *          *          *

Regardless of what the circumstance is, we shouldn’t intentionally kill our seed. The voice of cynicism is a still small voice that can silent our sense of reasoning, and cause us to do what we may eventually regret. Don’t give cynicism a chance. Protect, nurture and see your seeds blossom into their full potential. Many seeds are solutions to societal problems.

I am happy to share my little personal experience. Thank you for reading.

About ‘Tunde Akinmolayan

Tunde Akinmolayan holds an M.Agric in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management from FUNAAB. He writes and runs a rabbit farm, among other engagements. He can be reached on akintunde.akinmolayan@yahoo.com.

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15 thoughts on “Abortion: Before You ‘Rupture’ that Seed, Spare a Thought!

  • Soji Ademola Toriola

    Good job Tunde, I quite like your anecdotal way of conveying your message. I found it so instructive.
    There is a purpose for everyone; it is so unfortunate to know that majority of us never gain the consciousness of finding out our purpose of existence. By extension, it affects our reasoning to the point that we never want to learn from our mistakes; instead, we always look for ways to erase our mistakes. Erasing your mistakes won’t get us anywhere. Mistakes are supposed to be learning curves. So, “before you rupture that seed, spare a thought”.

  • Owoyemi Ifedapomola

    “Erasing your mistakes won’t get us
    anywhere. Mistakes are supposed to be learning
    curves”. That’s deep. We don’t call him “Professor”for nothing.

  • Owoyemi Ifedapomola

    By the way, abortion is good in one case… Shekau, because if his mum had aborted him, we won’t be having this national problem.

  • Omotola Ogun

    Nice one honie…
    This is such a real write-up from a real gem!
    I’ve always known of this story though (thanking God that the thought was spared) and reading it here again, I’m sure, will be a blessing to peeps out there. I personally like your style of writing and your depth dear.
    People have to consciously norture their desires and aspirations, even when it’s not easy (cos no one has promised one to be easy)….but I’ve always known something “where there is a will, there’s a way!”
    Let’s not bury/terminate/kill/abort that dream of ours cos of the dictates of our environment, expectations of our contemporaries,the negativity that stares itself at us and many more (but to mantion a few), let’s pursue our dreams, believing that it’s gonna be aiit!
    Let’s take time to learn so as to earn. The end will always justify the means!
    thecorporatefarmer, keep it up dear…the sky is your kick-off. I always believe in you.

  • Owoyemi Oluwabukunmi

    Nice write up. I believe every seed in the womb represents a destiny. A lot of destinies have been destroyed due to abortion. Thank God for Mrs. Akinmolayan for birthing a blessed child. More of this

  • Omoregee

    Indeed, no one is an accident and there is a purpose for everything. All of our experiences contribute to who we are and become and we have to be committed to developing greatness in ourselves.

    I thank God your mom spared the thought or how would I have met an interesting personality like you? 😀

    Nicely written piece!